Council Goals

Leading women’s economic engagement

Our Mandate

As leaders of the business communities on both sides of the border, our role is first and foremost to offer guidance for boosting women’s economic engagement. As part of that, we’ll share inspiring stories of progress and successful businesswomen, in the hopes of motivating others to follow their lead.

In this, our mandate—as the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders (the Council)—is to develop recommendations that can:

Reduce barriers that limit women’s participation in business.

Support and develop women’s professional advancement.

Assist women in starting and scaling their businesses.

Ultimately, we believe this will contribute to the increased economic growth, integration and competitiveness of the Canadian and US economies.

Our Objectives

Our goals within each of our recommendations are straight-forward:


Identify and promote the strategies and best practices of successful women entrepreneurs and business leaders


Provide an assessment of barriers to women’s participation in the business community


Identify and analyze possible options to remove existing barriers; support women’s professional advancement and assist women starting and scaling their businesses


Present recommended actions for consideration and implementation by business and government